S 6 - E 8

Luke Plapp: Coming home to Jayco-Alula

S 6 - E 7

Georgie Howe: End of season review

S 6 - E 6

Patrick Broe: Youtube, ASO, Jumbo-Visma & more

S 6 - E 5

Zoe Backstedt: New team, CX season, Ice cream and TT playlists.

S 6 - E 4

Josh Tarling: The new time-trial machine

S 6 - E 2

Jess Allen: The peoples champ retires


The Press Room Podcast (TPR) is Australia’s favourite cycling podcast hosted and founded by Australian cycling commentator Jethro, or “Jet” as he is sometimes known. 

 TPR was born out of a passion for professional bike racing and the desire to find out what the riders are like as people outside of their athlete persona. 


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