Anya Louw: The Pro Life

April 16, 2024

In episode 102, we chat with Anya Louw from AG Insurance – Soudal. The 23-year-old Tasmanian quickly rose to the Women’s World Tour in 2022 and has established herself as a real captain within the team despite admittedly still learning the ropes herself. Anya and I chatted about her adaption to the European professional lifestyle, what aspects she is doing well, and what she still needs to work on. Anya gives her opinion on what can still be improved in the Women’s World Tour from a sporting perspective, and we even discuss the juicy rumours of current Tour de France champion Demi Vollering and where she might end up in 2025 and if her rumoured 1 million dollar multi-year contract is a good thing for the sport. 

Anya is an absolute delight and certainly one to watch at AG Insurance – Soudal in the coming years. Enjoy. 

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