The Origins of the Tour of Margaret River

October 27, 2021

The Press Room Podcast kicks off with Ride WA’s own Brendon Morrison and Rebecca Cotton. Brendon and Rebecca two are the masterminds behind the biggest race in Western Australia. The Tour of Margaret River (TOMR).

TOMR is a 4 stage race where teams of 6 compete for teams and individual classifications. Over the years, as the race has grown in popularity it has lured some of the best riders in the world to attend, race and even commentate. That list includes two of the GOATS, Marianne Vos,  Annameik Van Vluten, Robbie McEwan, Jens Voight, Luke Durbridge, Mitch Docker, Jess Allen and many more.

The purpose of this episode is to shine a light on how a race like this starts off the ground. We learn how the race grew to what it has become today and some great stories along the way.

I hope you all enjoy this episode and I will see you down at the TOMR. For those listening outside of WA or even Australia. Get in touch, TOMR is open for any rider from anywhere, and there isn’t too many places more beautiful to ride than our south west.

Enjoy my friends, 



The Press Room Podcast is proudly supported by RIDE WA.


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